Redecker. A family owned business for over 85 years. Handcrafted in Germany.


Redecker firmly believes that quality and sustainability always prove themselves and that this must, and eventually will, become more and more important in our “throwaway society.”


  • varnished wooden handle
  • ostrich feathers
  • Size: 35 cm


The ostrich feather is the queen of feather dusters. Because the individual feathers actually consist of a structure of numerous small feathers, they don’t simply “wipe” dust away but bind it effectively. A brief shake removes any dust and it‘s ready for use again. Connoisseurs appreciate their delicate softness as well as their thorough dusting power. Based on the season, the feathers of the ostriches may be larger or smaller, thicker or thinner, lighter or darker. We have no influence over these natural characteristics. For this reason, each feather duster will vary – however, this is what always makes it unique. To guarantee a consistent quality standard; however, the feathers used in binding each feather duster are always kept at the same total weight.

Not only beautiful, but also practical – that it is not only practical, but also beautiful.

Products that have a function and not merely meant to expand our selection.

They always make sure to use natural, renewable resources when we select our materials.

Redecker consistently stays true to their philosophy every time we develop a new product concept, something that you can tell in every one of our items.

Every product is critically inspected and thoroughly tested by every family member and also by employees before it even makes it into our catalogue.

They, along with their employees, have an appreciation for the products – which means everyone enjoys their work and looks forward to the future of our company.

Redecker Feather Duster