Shampoo bars crafted by Lund Soap Company. Formulated with gentle conditioning agents like organic cocoa and shea butter, and packing a big bubbly lather! These little (but long lasting!) bars are as great for the environment as they are for your hair! Formulated to be ph neutral as to not damage or strip your hair of its natural oils. Our shampoo bars are comprised of a trio of coconut oil based surfactants as well as gentle conditioning agents such as cocoa and shea butter.


Small batches out of a small home, in Lund, BC, with ingredients derived from nature for the benefit of your body.


Homegrown, locally foraged or ethically acquired. Every product is mady by hand from original recipes. 


Packaging with the earth in mind. Dodging plastic, reusing packaging and choosing plantable seed paper. 

Shampoo Bars